Working Holidays

Working Holiday Stories

Want to know what sorts of jobs are out there ready for the taking? Read about people's experiences first hand from scrubbing toilets to picking fruit to working on a sheep station. There are plenty of weird and wonderful jobs out there to get your hands on!


Working in Australia

Picking Fruit in Victoria
Living and working on a pear farm is definitely off the beaten path and lots of fun once the working day is done.

Picking Apples on Derbyshire Orchard
If you think fruit picking is hard, head to this orchard where the 70+ year old owner pulls her weight.

Cooking on a Sheep Station
Not knowing how to cook is probably a good reason not to take a job as one but when you're broke you lie.

Working in Ireland

Scrubbing Toilents in Galway
Spending a summer cleaning at a hostel isn't most people's ideal job but it's easy and pays the bills.

Working in New Zealand

Building Websites in New Zealand
Finding jobs to match your skills will see work appear where you didn't think there was any.

Hostel Helper in Okarito
Escape the cities to explore tiny villages and they don't get much smaller than 30 strong Okarito.

Odd Jobs at an Eco-Village
There's something flakey sounding about eco villages but this one proved to be an amazing experience.

Working in the UK

Office Work in London
If you're in London to party then working a cushy nine to five office job is the way forward to slackerville.

Temping in the UK
Looking for a job sucks so why not get someone else to do it for you? Temping is common and plentiful in the UK.

Working as a Travel Agent in London
Sound like a dream job? Hardly! One of the most stressful and underpaid experiences ever.




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