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Office Work

If you've come to the UK to have a good, make a living wage and save a little bit to travel then working in an office is the way to go. You're not likely to be working unsociable hours, the work is generally pretty cushy, and once you walk out the door each night you probably won't give your job a second thought. Temping is underrated and great if you don't want to have to think at work and if you want to take holidays whenever you want.


There's something nice about the thought of working in a traditional English pub or in a countryside hotel and there are plenty of jobs around. Lots of hospitality work in the UK is live-in meaning you will be given food and accommodation in exchange for a reduced weekly wage. Most people who have done this say it's crap and a rip-off - working loads more hours than agreed without more money and being forced to eat greasy pub food every night. Other people have met lots of friends and had fantastic experiences. Make your own mind up, check out the links below for more information and help finding work.


After getting over the initial shock of scary students, most teachers will tell you that they've learned a lot and enjoyed the experience of teaching in the UK a lot overall. It helps that they can rake in the money if they work supply and don't do too badly working on a contract, especially considering the paid holidays.


If you come to the UK with a trade under your belt there is some serious money to be made. There are agencies to help you get work...


As with nursing, teachers are required to register with the Teacher registration Board in each state they hope to work in.

Au Pairing

Nannies aren't really something you seem to come across a lot in Canada. I guess there are more filthy rich people in the UK - especially London - and au pairs (nannies) are in demand. If you've got any training or experience dealing with children and some references you should find landing a job pretty easy. There are live-in and live-out options and I've been given mixed reports for both. How good your job will be really is a crapshoot as it depends on whether the parents and kids are good or evil. Before accepting a job try asking around a bit to determine if you're getting a fair wage and if you have enough perks like use of the car etc.




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