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The tourism industry in New Zealand is a huge part of the economy and there are loads of opportunities out there. For backpackers, the most obvious opportunity for work is in backpacker's hostels. Many hostels hire backpackers, most in exchange for accommodation and maybe food but many also have more hours for you to work and will also pay you a wage. Cleaning is a common job but if you plan on sticking around awhile and get your timing right then you might be able to land a job in reception. If you don't want a hostel job then there are plenty of hotels around! Or if you want work waiting tables, cooking, or bartending and arrive in the tourist season you should be able to find work, especially if you're a chef.

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Harvest Work

New Zealand is a small country but they've managed to cram the land they've got full of farms! There are loads of jobs in the harvest industry all over the country at most times of the year. Getting work can sometimes be about timing and how much you are able to make depends on a lot of factors out of your control such as the quality of that year's season and the ever changing weather. It's hard work but if you land a farm with good fruit and get out there rain or shine then you'll be able to save some decent money. You'll be too tired at the end of each night to spend your money on beer, so it's a great way to save money fast.

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Ski Jobs

Getting a ski job in New Zealand can be tricky because it is such a popular thing to do. Most people looking for ski work will tend to head to the South Island, mainly to Queenstown, the party capital. But work is also available on smaller resorts on the South Island as well as in a few areas of the North Island. Timing is important, and getting your application in and being available for an interview will make or break you.

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