Working Holidays

Jobs in Japan

Most of the work available in Japan for those who don't speak Japanese (which is pretty much all of us!) will revolve around teaching English. So if that's not your cup of tea then you might find it hard landing a job here. But if it is, there is a lot of work to go round.

Teaching English

Unless you speak Japanese then English teaching will be the way to go in Japan. It pays the bills and even the inexperienced will be able to find a job somewhere. If you have a working holiday visa you can rock up and search for a job when you arrive or you can try and line something up before you get there. There are many programs that recruit teachers from abroad and most will also sort out a work visa for you. The downside to these is that you will be contracted to the school for a specific period of time. Going with no plans and a working holiday visa will offer you a lot more flexibility but with a bit of risk or having to do things for yourself on arrival.

Acting, Modelling and Voice Overs

If you've got the right look then acting and modelling work is supposed to be plentiful in Japan. If you've got some experience, a bit of talent, the look they want, and some connections then you will be able to find work fairly easily around Tokyo. Do I have any connections for you? Nope.




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