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Jobs in Australia

Australia is a big place with a lot of different types of jobs on offer but there are a lot of other travellers too so work can be hard to come by if you don't time things carefully.


Temporary work in bars, restaurants and catering can be found in most cities but experience will be invaluable and having a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate (1 day course) would be helpful too.


Harvest Work

It's bloody hard work but if you put some effort in and have a bit of luck you'll come away having saved loads of money. Plus, with the changes to the Working Holidaymaker Program, if you work 3 months in the harvest industry, you'll be eligible for another year-long work visa. Work is available at different times all over the country so it's possible to follow the harvest work around if you want to. Harvest work is usually a last-ditch effort for penniless backpackers and work is often in demand. Timing is important and you might have to rock up to a town a bit before the season starts in order to get work. In harvest areas you will usually live in a hostel which will find you work. Having a car helps and you may be given priority but if you don't have a ride you might be bused to your farm or organised into carpools. In some places it is possible to be housed on site in either dodgy rooms or a tent of your own. Living on the farm will save you as accommodation might be as cheap as $5/night whereas hostels will charge a minimum of $100/month for a shared dorm.

Harvest Work Links:


Nurses are in demand in major cities in Australia and sometimes in Aboriginal communities. Nurses with overseas qualifications will first have to register with the Nurses Registration Board in the state you want to work in. There are loads of agencies out there to help you find a job including:

Registration Boards:



As with nursing, teachers are required to register with the Teacher registration Board in each state they hope to work in.

Registration Boards:

Outback Work

The outback is something that is uniquely Australian and working in the middle of nowhere on a large farm, station, or even in a country pub would be a great experience. It's possible to line up work simply by heading to a rural town, picking up the phonebook and calling around. Message boards in country hostels and supermarkets are also a good resource as are employment agencies. Jobs such as cooks, cleaners and child minders are available as well as more labour intensive work. The Visit Oz program will set you up with work in the outback but their up front fees might be a turnoff to some. The advantage is guaranteed work and some training in new skills.




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